Nathan Wallace, Anthony Sequeira - Windows® 2000 Registry


First and foremost, we’d like to thank Charlotte Carpentier, Acquisitions Editor at Coriolis. Also, special thanks to Greg Balas, who served as Project Editor, and Peggy Cantrell, who served as the Production Coordinator for the book. In addition, we’d like to thank Tracy Rooney, our Marketing Specialist; April Nielsen, for creating the book’s interior design; and Laura Wellander, for designing the cover. Each of these folks made significant contributions to the final book, and made it much better than the average technical tome. We would also like to thank Louise Kohl Leahy for copyediting the book, Jim Kelly for performing the technical review, Christine Sherk for proofreading, and Janet Perlman for indexing this Second Edition. Finally, thanks to all the Microsoft programmers who made Windows 2000 possible. Despite a national sport of Microsoft-bashing, we still get the best operating systems around from Redmond.

Год издания: 2001

Издательство: Coriolis

Формат: PDF

Страниц: 434

Скачано: 596 раз

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