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You've finally decided to buy a dedicated server, or Virtual Dedicated Server, or Virtual Private Server (VDS/VPS) with cPanel and Web Hosting Manager (WHM) management software and host your own websites. A dedicated server is a single piece of computing hardware that serves as a web server. A VDS/VPS is a single dedicated server that has been segregated into 2 or more equal parts. Each VDS/VPS acts as if it was a separate physical server, except that memory, CPU, and disk space are divided among each VDS/VPS on the physical server hardware. Since VDS and VPS are two names for the same product, we will refer to it as a VPS from now on. Perhaps you've chosen to get a server because you have numerous personal sites you need to host and you want complete control over your sites, or perhaps you've chosen to start your own web-hosting company and you want a dedicated server or VPS so that you can maximize profits. Either way, if you've never had a dedicated server or VPS before, the prospect of it can be a bit daunting. What should you look for when you are shopping for hardware? How do you set it up initially? How do you manage accounts? What do you do if you have problems? It's enough to cause many people to give up and keep hosting through someone else.

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