Craig Standing - Internet Commerce Development


It is being argued in the information systems (IS) field that traditional IS methodologies cannot adequately cope with the process of developing Internet- or Web-based systems. Now that developing a Web presence has taken on strategic significance within many organizations, choosing the right development approach has become critical. The goal of this book is to inform practitioners of the strategies and techniques that can be used when developing Internet commerce applications. This book provides detailed coverage of the Internet Commerce Development Methodology (ICDM), which was developed by Dr. Craig Standing to provide a flexible framework for creating and refining Internet commerce ?related systems. ICDM has a strong business strategy and analysis component that forms part of the overall methodology. The book covers techniques for the development of Internet commerce applications including requirements gathering, Web design issues, and implementation tools. Internet commerce systems are a new type of application being developed within organizations and their applications have many distinctive features. To take advantage of the opportunities that they offer, these distinctive features, listed next, should be understood by systems developers.

Год издания: 2000

Издательство: Artech-House

Формат: PDF

Страниц: 251

Скачано: 335 раз

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