Peter D. Weddle - Finding a Job on the Web

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The Internet. These days, you can’t expect to pick up a magazine or turn on the television without bumping into some reference to the online world.

Kenneth H. Rosen - Handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics

Скачиваний: 1266

This book contains information obtained from authentic and highIy regarded sources. Reprinted materia1 is quoted with permission, and sources are indicated.

RYAN BIGG, YEHUDA KATZ - Rails 3 in Action

Скачиваний: 473

This book has been through quite the development process!

W. I Ames - Differential Equations with Applications to Mathematical Physics

Скачиваний: 820

Since the days of Newton, Leibniz, Euler and Laplace, mathematical physics has been inseparably bound to differential equations. Physical and engineering problems continue to provide very important models for mathematicians studying differential equations, as well as valuable intuition as to the solutions and properties.

RICHARD P. STANLEY - Enumerative Combinatorics

Скачиваний: 751

Most textbooks written in our day have a short half-life. Published to meet the demands of a lucrative but volatile market, inspired by the table of contents of some out-of-print classic, garnished with multicolored tables, enhanced by nutshell summaries, enriched by exercises of dubious applicability, they decorate the shelves of college bookstores come September.


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The opinions expressed in this publication are the sole works of XAMonline and were created independently from the National Education Association, Educational Testing Service, or any State Department of Education, National Evaluation Systems or other testing affiliates.

Dahlard L. Lukes - Differential Equations Classical to Controlled

Скачиваний: 638

This book deals with the classical theory of differential equations, showing some of the impact that computers and control theory are having on the subject.

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