Mark Michaelis - C# Developer’s Headstart

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Although C# was announced to the public less than a year ago, there are already several C# books available and undoubtedly more will continue to appear. With this in mind, C# Developer’s Headstart was designed to be different.

Alan Davies - A handbook of essential mathematical formulae

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This handbook is intended for students of mathematics as well as of subjects with a significant mathematics content such as engineering, physical sciences, economics, business studies and computer science.

Michael Farr - AMERICA'S Top Computer and Technical Jobs

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This book is about improving your life, not just about selecting a job. The career you choose will have an enormous impact on how you live your life.

Tanya McGill - Current Issues in IT Education

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Information technology (IT) is of increasing importance in the world today. Information and communications technologies are pervading all aspects of life at work, school, and home. Businesses depend upon technology, and the growth in IT and the Internet has changed the face of commerce, allowing organizations to provide services that would not otherwise be possible and delivering major productivity gains in many industries.


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Number theory is a subject that is so old, no one can say when it started.

Robert Bruce - PC Hardware in a Nutshell

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PC Hardware in a Nutshell. An oxymoron, as it turns out. When Robert began work on the first edition of this book in late 1998, he planned to write a 300-page book in five months. Barbara joined the project early, at first as the researcher and later as the full coauthor.

John C. Mitchell - Concepts in Programming Languages

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This textbook for undergraduate and beginning graduate students explains and examines the central concepts used in modern programming languages, such as functions, types, memory management, and control.

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