RYAN BIGG, YEHUDA KATZ - Rails 3 in Action

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This book has been through quite the development process!

Литвиненко Н. А. - Технология программирования на С++

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Данное учебное пособие продолжает курс "Технология программирования на С++. Начальный курс", изданного в 2005 году издательством "БХВ-Петербург", и предназначено для студентов технических вузов, обучающихся по специальностям "Информационные системы", "Информатика и вычислительная техника", осваивающих программирование на языке С++.

Multi-Tier Application Programming with PHP

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I his book aspires to replace trust in commercial products with reliance on open-source software and your own ingenuity. We've all been in a situation in which a customer wants to solve some complicated information-services problem without spending much money.

Aric Pedersen - Web Host Manager

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You've finally decided to buy a dedicated server, or Virtual Dedicated Server, or Virtual Private Server (VDS/VPS) with cPanel and Web Hosting Manager (WHM) management software and host your own websites.

Keith Pope - Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

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As web developers we are always looking for ways to improve our systems and working practices. We have to move fast and handle ever-changing requirements from our managers, although this is what makes our work so exciting and challenging.

W. I Ames - Differential Equations with Applications to Mathematical Physics

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Since the days of Newton, Leibniz, Euler and Laplace, mathematical physics has been inseparably bound to differential equations. Physical and engineering problems continue to provide very important models for mathematicians studying differential equations, as well as valuable intuition as to the solutions and properties.

RICHARD P. STANLEY - Enumerative Combinatorics

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Most textbooks written in our day have a short half-life. Published to meet the demands of a lucrative but volatile market, inspired by the table of contents of some out-of-print classic, garnished with multicolored tables, enhanced by nutshell summaries, enriched by exercises of dubious applicability, they decorate the shelves of college bookstores come September.

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