Iczelion - Ассемблер

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Киньте грязью в того, кто вам скажет, что Ассемблер - очень сложный для изучения язык. И никогда не читайте глупых книг, в которых написана подобная чушь.

Соловьев Алексей - Разработка модулей ядра ОС Linux

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Самыми известными из всех операционных систем сейчас, несомненно, является семейство Windows корпорации Microsoft. Однако, несмотря на свою популярность, Windows не первая и не единственная операционная система в мире.

Peter D. Weddle - Finding a Job on the Web

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The Internet. These days, you can’t expect to pick up a magazine or turn on the television without bumping into some reference to the online world.

Mark Noble - Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions

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A high quality web site can be an important part of any business marketing plan. However, many businesses choose not to have a web site because they think it will be too expensive or too diffi cult to build and maintain.

Theodore S Boomer BIRMINGHAM - Building Websites with e107

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As of February 2007, there are 13,241 PHP scripts listed at hotscripts.com. Of these, 641 are content management system (CMS) scripts, all with the ability to manage your online content and make your site dynamic.

Kenneth H. Rosen - Handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics

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This book contains information obtained from authentic and highIy regarded sources. Reprinted materia1 is quoted with permission, and sources are indicated.

Khalid A. Mughal - A Programmer’s Guide to Java™ SCJP Certification

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This book provides extensive coverage of the Java programming language and its core Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), with particular emphasis on its syntax and usage.

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