A. Conheim - Computer security and cryptography


On September 11, 2001, the word security moved into the foreground of our national consciousness, where it continues to reside today. The presidential election in 2004 was largely decided on the basis of which candidate was perceived to best manage security for the American people. Americans are puzzled about the hatred expressed by certain ideologies and foreign governments about our way of life and culture. The missions of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (CSS) include both the protection of U.S. communications and the production of foreign intelligence. Although cryptography plays a role in both of these areas, this book is not about either. This book is about the role of cryptography in our day-to-day lives. Today, there is no activity that does not depend on computers. When there is a power outage in Santa Barbara, I often cannot buy Twinkies at the supermarket, to my dismay and that of the merchant, but to the delight of my endocrinologist. The use of traveler’s checks has declined because of the convenience and availability of ATM machines. Vast amounts of data are maintained by banks and credit card companies. Stories of their mismanaging customer data appear regularly in the news. Identity theft is well on its way to becoming a flourishing industry. Credit card companies now have the nerve to advertise identity theft insurance to protect the information that they are legally obliged to guard, but fail to do so. Cryptography has a role to play in many areas. Like seat belts, it will not completely protect us. In the chapters that follow, I will develop the basic ideas about cryptography and then illustrate some of the ways it interacts with and protects us.

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Издательство: WILEY

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