Mark Michaelis - C# Developer’s Headstart

Скачиваний: 1331

Although C# was announced to the public less than a year ago, there are already several C# books available and undoubtedly more will continue to appear. With this in mind, C# Developer’s Headstart was designed to be different.

John C. Mitchell - Concepts in Programming Languages

Скачиваний: 979

This textbook for undergraduate and beginning graduate students explains and examines the central concepts used in modern programming languages, such as functions, types, memory management, and control.

R. Kabacoff - R in Action

Скачиваний: 832

If you picked up this book, you probably have some data that you need to collect, summarize, transform, explore, model, visualize, or present. If so, then R is for you! R has become the world-wide language for statistics, predictive analytics, and data visualization.

Bertrand Meyer-Object-Oriented Software Construction SECOND EDITION

Скачиваний: 833

This is, quite simply, the definitive reference on the most important development in software technology for the last 20 years: object-orientation. A whole generation was introduced to object technology through the first edition of this book. This long-awaited new edition retains the qualities of clarity, practicality and scholarship that made the first an instant best-seller, but has been thoroughly revised and expanded.

Олег Гордеев - Программирование звука в Windows

Скачиваний: 3107

Книга посвящена вопросам программирования звука в Microsoft Windows и описывает как старые, так и новые методы записи и воспроизведения звука.

N. Satheesh Kumar-LINQ Quickly nodrm

Скачиваний: 500

This book gets you started with LINQ and shows how it will make your programming life easier by making use of new features from the .NET Framework 3.0. This book is split into seven chapters, each of which is dedicated to presenting a feature of LINQ and its usage in real-life scenarios.Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a new feature in Visual Studio 2008 that extends its query capabilities, using C# and Visual Basic.

А.Б. Горстко, С.В. Кочковая-Азбука программирования

Скачиваний: 3994

Современная научно-техническая революция стремительно вовлекает в число пользователей электронно-вычеслительных малин(ЭВМ) представителей все новых и новых профессий. Если 15-20 лет назад по преимуществу это были...

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