Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu: C++ Coding Standards


C++ Coding Standards by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu, the newest book in Bjarne Stroustrup`s C++ In Depth series, is the authoritative reference for C++ software development teams. It`s the only C++ coding standard with Stroustrup`s name on it, and the only one written by two of the top names C++. Both authors draw on their personal extensive real-world project experience at commercial software companies ranging in size from small successful start-ups to RealNetworks to Microsoft. That concrete, in-the-trenches experience shines through in Item after Item as the book covers not only many issues of note in Standard C++ itself, but also includes important material on how Standard C++ interacts with nonstandard but real-world topics like dealing with threading and concurrency, handling application scalability, and correctly designing and deploying modules (including shared libraries and DLLs).

Overview: This book delivers a valuable set of tried-and-true rules, guidelines, and best practices condensed into 101 concise one- and two-page Items. But this book is something more: It also acts as an index into the worlds C++ literature because each Item includes copious references that, in all, cite nearly 100 different top books and articlesfrom Brooks classic The Mythical Man-Month to Vandevoorde and Josuttis cutting-edge C++ Templates to the authors own previous booksand distill the scattered advice and guidelines into one authoritative handbook.

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