Jeff Prosise: Programming Windows with MFC, 2nd Edition


Acknowledgments: The production of this book required the efforts of many people, but two in particular deserve to be singled out for their diligent, sustained, and unselfish efforts. Sally Stickney, the book`s principal editor, navigated me through that minefield called the English language and contributed greatly to the book`s readability. Marc Young, whose talents as a technical editor are nothing short of amazing, was relentless in tracking down bugs, testing sample code, and verifying facts. Sally, Marc: This book is immeasurably better because of you. Thanks.

The book covers most of the major areas that an MFC programmer would have interest. Topics such as dialog based applications, the potentially confusing document / view architecture, property sheets, mouse and keyboard IO, menu management, creation of custom controls, bitmaps, UI and worker threads - all are explained with exceptional clarity thoroughness. After reading a given section I felt a true understanding of the material - the information is taken to a depth which seems to be uncommon in many windows programming books.

At its core though, this is a windows programming book and through its many examples it succeeds in providing an excellent foundation. One may question the usefulness of some of the examples but keep in mind that they were not written for practical usefulness but instead they were intended to solidify the concepts presented in the chapter - which they usually do quite successfully.

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