Herb Sutter: More Exceptional C++


Built around forty programming puzzles, More Exceptional C++ helps you understand the rules and issues critical to successful business software development and design in C++. New themes included in this sequel place a strong emphasis on generic programming, memory management, and using the C++ standard library, including coverage of important techniques like traits and predicates. Also included are guidelines and considerations to remember when using standard containers and algorithms -- topics rarely covered in-depth in other sources.

Readers will find solutions to such important questions as:

- What pitfalls might you encounter when using std::map and std::set, and how can you safely avoid them?

- What kinds of predicates are safe to use with the STL, what kinds aren`t, and why?

- What techniques are available for writing powerful generic template code that can change its own behavior based on the capabilities of the types it`s given to work with?

- When and how should you optimize your code? Why can (and do) fancy optimizations get us into trouble? And how can some of these answers change if you`re writing multithread-safe code?

- Does exception safety affect class design, or can it be retrofitted in as an afterthought?

- How can you avoid the Siamese Twin problem when combining inheritance-based libraries from different vendors?

- How can you safely use auto_ptr, and then use common design patterns to adapt it to avoid common pitfalls? Can you use auto_ptr as a class member? What must you know before you elect to use it that way?

- Plus one of the most frequently recurring questions about modern C++: When and how should you use namespaces, anyway?

- A must-have for the serious programmer, More Exceptional C++ provides a thorough and pragmatic understanding of the language while showing you how to write exceptional code in C++.

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