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When I began writing this book, I spent quite a bit of time searching for a good quote to start things off. I ended up with two. R is a wonderfully flexible platform and language for exploring, visualizing, and understanding data. I

Bertrand Meyer - Object-Oriented Software Construction

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B orn in the ice-blue waters of the festooned Norwegian coast; amplified (by an aberration of world currents, for which marine geographers have yet to find a suitable explanation) along the much grayer range of the Californian Pacific; viewed by some as a typhoon, by some as a tsunami, and by some as a storm in a teacup — a tidal wave is hitting the shores of the computing world.

Arnold Robbins - Learning the vi and Vim Editors

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Text editing is one of the most common tasks on any computer system, and vi is one of the most useful standard text editors on a system. With vi you can create new files or edit any existing text-only file. vi, like many of the classic utilities developed during the early years of Unix, has a reputation for being hard to navigate.

Michael Sikora - EJB 3 Developer Guide

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Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology is a core part of the Java EE 5 specification. EJB is a framework for building enterprise-scale object-oriented, distributed, component-based business applications. EJB business applications are written in Java, are scalable and can be deployed on any platform that supports the EJB specification.

John C. Mitchell - Concepts in Programming Languages

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Programming languages provide the abstractions, organizing principles, and control structures that programmers use to write good programs. This book is about the concepts that appear in programming languages, issues that arise in their implemen- tation, and the way that language design affects program development.

М.Мактас - 8 уроков по P-CAD 2001

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В пособии на примере конкретной электроной схемы с использованием дидактического приема "делай как я" излагается весь цикл проектирования узла РЭС с помощью системы P-CAD 2001.

М. Гук - Аппаратные средства IBM PC

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На страницах третьего издания вы найдете систематизированное описание «железной» части семейства самых распространенных персональных компьютеров. Книга дает глубокие знания как по отдельным электронным подсистемам (память, процессоры, диски и т. п.), так и по их соединению в единое целое — персональный компьютер со всеми его достоинствами и недостатками.

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